Finally low temperature version 3 C (37.4 F) output.

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Waste Heat Adsorption Chiller

Attempted use absorption chillers in waste heat applications have been failures.


Now, efficient energy conservation can be achieved by utilizing waste heat to drive an Adsorption chiller, which can replace an absorption chiller.  Waste heat from cogeneration systems (diesel engine, gas engine, gas turbine, or fuel cell) achieves tri-generation. Using the waste heat from various processes including: food (poultry, dairy products, juice, and breweries), chemical, plastic, rubber,  paper and cement can enhance the heat balance of the process.  Additionally, steam boilers, used year round, in hospitals and hotels can utilize their excess heat to cool their facilities.  


The Adsorption Chiller contains onlywater as a refrigerant and a proprietary, permanent silica gel (lasts 30 years) as an adsorbent. The evaporator section cools the chilled water by the refrigerant (water) beingevaporated by adsorption of the silica gel in one of two adsorbent chambers. It can produce chilled water temperatures of less than 38oF with hot water temperatures ranging from 194 to as low as 122oF.The hot water regenerates the silica gel in the second of the two adsorbent chambers.The water vapor released from the silica gel by the hot water will be condensed in the condenser section which is cooled by a cooling water, such as, from a cooling tower.

The Adsorption has very low operational costs.The chillers electrical load of just 0.4KW, for the 100 ton model, is for the controls and a two small pumps.One is a vacuum pump for non-condensables and the other is a refrigerant (water) pump that runs only while unloading.Other operational costs such as maintenance are also very low.




Water used as refrigerant, no freons, no Li-Br, no ammonia means : No hazardous leaks, no corrosion, no chemical testing, no replacement.
No compressor means: No alignment, no high voltage, no high pressure, no overhaul, no oil change, no surging, no vibration or noise.
Stable chilled water out-put driven by a wide range (194 to 122oF) of hot water.
Capacity out-put remains stable as in-put fluctuates. No back up burner required.
Simple and short start up / stoptime
38 F of chilled water is in the standard specification.
Constant operation - 24 hours / 7 days a week.